Students may receive an incomplete (“I”) grade for coursework in which they are currently enrolled if the following conditions have been met. Failure to complete the specified work within the designated time frame may result in an “F” grade for the course.


  1. The student must be currently enrolled in the course(s) in question (prior to grading).
  2. The deadline for an automatic “W” grade for the course(s) must have passed. "W" grades are awarded through the 10th week of the semester for full-semester courses. The time period is prorated for courses that meet for less than a full semester.
  3. The student must be passing the course(s) (student must have completed work of acceptable quality). An "I" grade may never be applied when the student has done poor work or has successfully completed less than 70% of the work for the course.
  4. The student must have a legitimate extenuating circumstance(s), such as a severe illness, that prohibits completion of the course. The faculty member will consult her or his department head and/or the Dean of Students Office with any questions regarding legitimacy.
  5. Students are not allowed to “re-take” the course as a condition of the incomplete. If the circumstances are such that the student is meeting the requirements of the course at the time of the “I” grade, then only the remainder of the course content is required to be completed.
  6. The instructor, upon receiving and evaluating the completed work, will record the appropriate grade (“A” through “F,” “S” or “U”) prior to stated deadlines for grading at the end of each respective semester (see item seven below).
  7. “I” grades will revert to an alternate grade assigned by the instructor if the assigned work is not completed within a period designated by the faculty, not to exceed one year.
  8. The instructor granting an “I” grade must provide the Registrar’s Office with an incomplete grade form listing:
    1. the “acceptable” reason for the “I” grade (such as illness), and
    2. details of the work that has to be performed by the student to complete the course. The form must be returned no later than the deadline identified for end of semester grading.
  9. Students cannot graduate with an “I” grade on their record.