Tuition and required fees

Room and board

Less NMU Scholarship










$ 22,648

$ 21,648
$ 20,648

$ 19,648

$ 18,648

$ 17,648

University of Wisconsin, Madison





University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee





University of Wisconsin,    
Eau Claire





University of Minnesota, 
Twin Cities**





Non-Michigan residents: Our approach to "tuition reciprocity" is through our National Academic Award/Transfer National Academic Award.  The value of this award is reviewed annually with the goal of using this award to close the gap between out-of-state and in-state tuition rates as closely as possible. Residents of all U.S. states outside of Michigan are eligible. 

NMU's National Academic Award and Wildcat Achievement Awards Levels I-V are automatically awarded, regardless of financial need.  They are awarded to full-time first-year students (also known as first-time/full-time freshmen) based on grade point average and test scores.  They are awarded to new transfer students based on college grade point average.  Awards are renewable each year with maintenance of a minimum NMU GPA.  See details about these and other merit-based and need-based scholarships.

Estimated costs based on 16 credits per semester and residence in a 2-bedroom, 4-person suite and a constant dining pass or equivalent

Wisconsin resident tuition rates compared to NMU's non-resident tuition rates.

*Tuition and fees may vary depending on student's major or college

**In-state rates shown for the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.