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REI Presents: 1,000 Mile Dream

Check out this video produced by outdoor gear company, REI, about NMU graduate, Liza Dietzen, her sled dog team, her goal of competing in the Iditarod, and her experiences in Marquette's qualifying race, the U.P. 200. 


students in dorm

Home Sweet Wow

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Money in Your Mailbox

If you haven't received it already, watch your postal mailbox for a letter from NMU's Financial Aid Office detailing any financial aid awards you qualify for. 

Please be sure to read everything carefully, as additional documents may be needed to finalize your award package. You may also be asked to accept or reject certain offers. 

Once you attend orientation, you are able to access your financial aid information via MyNMU. (In order to receive a financial aid package you need to fill out the FAFSA.)

Worried? Have questions? Reach out to the Financial Aid Office. Let's figure this out together! 

Forward Food

Last month, the NMU Dining team learned to create more sustainable and delicious food options in plant-based culinary training sessions sponsored by the Humane Society. 

The training is offered in response to the worldwide concerns about animal welfare, how food directly or indirectly affects our health, and environmental impacts related to water, land and greenhouse gas emissions. Mushroom street tacos, garbanzo bean sliders and cauliflower-crusted pizza are a few of the new dished they made, which you may see on a future menu!