How to Use the Cemetery Indexes

The cemetery indexes below were painstakingly created by Duane and Jacquelyn Hargis who were kind enough to donate them to the NMU Archives. There are several different methods of organization for each cemetery. Here is how to search the records most effectively:

The records contain indexes for Alger, Luce, Mackinac, Marquette, and Schoolcraft Counties. The indexes for Marquette and Mackinac Counties are incomplete. Click on the names of the counties to go directly to those indexes.

Each county has a master spreadsheet linked to the name of the county. If you are unsure where in a county that a person is buried, start here. This master spreadsheet is alphabetical and only gives the name of the cemetery that the person is buried in.

Once you know the exact cemetery, look at either the Index by Name (an Excel spreadsheet) or the Index by Location (a Word document) for that cemetery. The Index by Name will give you additional information such as the dates of birth and death (if given on the tombstone) and a general idea of what the inscriptions on the stone are. The Index by Location will give you the exact inscription on the stone as well as what section of the cemetery the grave is located in. For easier browsing of the Word document, press FN+F5 to pull up the search function.

We have maps for some of the cemeteries. If a map exists, it is posted below the Word and Excel documents. Now that you know where your ancestor is buried, you may wish to go and visit the cemetery. A Word document with locations and/or instructions on how to get to the cemetery from a main road in the town is linked to the name of the cemetery.


Here are some of the abbreviations and symbols commonly used in the indexes:

(            )  Surname taken from separate stone.  Location and style of stone used to

                 determine surname

(            )? Unsure if surname listed belongs to the following inscription

[            ]  Transcribers note

YYYY -       Birth date present but no death date

 - YYYY      Death date present but no birth date

 ?             Number or letter present but unreadable  (e. g.  190?)

 -            Space for a numeral but none present  (e. g.  19--)