Addendum #1


Board of Trustees

Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee / Core Branding Committee

December 14, 2011


Members Present:                                                     Members Absent:                                         

L. Garnet Lewis, Chair (via conference call)              Michael Andary

Jon G. LaSalle                                                             Bart Bartkowiak

Brian Cloyd, ex officio (via conference call)              Howard Cohodas

Leslie E. Wong, ex officio                                          Martha Haynes

Kaylie Anthos                                                            

Bridget Berube

Justin Brugman                                                          

Gerri Daniels

Kathleen Godec                                             

Brent Graves                                                  

Paul Lang

Gavin Leach

Cindy Paavola                                    

Cynthia Prosen

Jamal Rashed

Terrance Seethoff                  


The ad hoc Strategic Planning Committee and Core Branding Committee meeting was called to order at 12:02 p.m. 


Mr. Reed of Stamats, Inc. presented the results of the interviews and surveys Stamats conducted over the past several months and explained the promise development process to the group.  Discussion followed.  Committee members brainstormed potential brand promise attributes.


Mr. Reed will email a list of potential brand promise statements to Committee members.  Committee members were requested to provide feedback on the statements by noon on Friday.  Mr. Reed will tally the results with the goal of the Committee sending the top 5 or 6 to the full Board.


The Committee will meet again in late February prior to the Board of Trustees’ retreat.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




L. Garnet Lewis, Chair