July 13, 2011

Board of Trustees Room, 602 Cohodas Hall

1:00 2:30 p.m.









                       1.         Charter Schools Board Appointments/Renewals
                       Mr. William Pistulka, Charter Schools Officer


                                   Charter Schools Update



                       2.         International Programs Update

                                   Dr. Marcelo Siles, Dean, International Programs



                       3.         Retention Update

                                   Dr. Paul Duby, Associate Vice President, Institutional Research



                       4.         Curriculum Approval Process

                                   Dr. Dale Kapla, Department Head, Criminal Justice



5.         Road Map Update

                                   Dr. Paul Lang, Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs



                       6.         Faculty Work Subcommittee Report

                                   Mr. Richard Popp, Board of Trustees



7.         Good of the Order