Board of Trustees

Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee

May 3, 2012


Committee Members Present:                      Other Board Members Present:                 

L. Garnet Lewis, Chair                                   Mr. Rick Popp

Jon G. LaSalle                                     Mr. Stephen L. Gulis, Jr.,

Brian Cloyd, ex officio                                   Dr. H. Sook Wilkinson

Michael Andary

Kathleen Godec                                              Members Absent:

Brent Graves                                                   Justin Brugman

Martha Haynes                                                Howard Cohodas

Gavin Leach                                       

Cynthia Prosen                                                Guests:          

Terrance Seethoff                                           Mr. Chuck Reed, Stamats, Inc.



The ad hoc Strategic Planning Committee meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m.


Mr. Chuck Reed, Senior Vice President for Client Services at Stamats, Inc. reviewed the brand promise statement and supporting attributes.  Stamats, Inc. will provide the University with an Audience Communication Matrix connecting target audiences with a brand attribute and suggestions on how to convey the message.


He recommended next steps for the branding initiative including:


1.)  Create sub-brands and connect them to the brand attributes.

2.)  Create a tagline.

3.)  Create an elevator speech (optional).

4.)  Create a graphic identity and creative boards.

5.)  Develop brand design guidelines.

6.)  Create a brand communication plan.


The Committee discussed the various steps and made comments and recommendations.  The Board will review the next steps and identify individuals and groups for implementation.  


Dr. Lewis thanked the Strategic Planning Subcommittee for their work on the branding initiative and said the Board may call upon them for their assistance in the future.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



L. Garnet Lewis, Chair