Addendum #3



Board of Trustees

Academic Affairs Committee

September 20, 2012



Members Present:  Dr. L. Garnet Lewis, Chair, Mr. Jon LaSalle, Mr. Richard Popp, Dr. Sook Wilkinson

Other Members Present:  Mr. Stephen Gulis, Mr. Brian Cloyd, Dr. Paul Lang, Dr. David Haynes, ex officio


The Academic Affairs Committee meeting was called to order at 1:18 p.m.


Academic Senate Update

Dr. Larry Pagel, Chair of the Academic Senate, provided a summary of Senate activities and discussed his two main goals as Senate Chair:  1) to help accomplish Liberal Studies reform and 2) to work on improving communication within the university. 


Charter Schools Board Member Appointments

Mr. William Pistulka, Charter Schools Officer, proposed new board member appointments for Experiencia Preparatory Academy and North Star Academy.


After motion duly made and seconded the Committee recommends to the Board of Trustees the approval of the board member appointments.  This motion is part of the formal recommendations.


Mr. Pistulka informed the Committee that Nah Tah Wahsh Public School Academy has been designated a Priority School by the Michigan Department of Education.  Mr. Pistulka has assigned personnel to participate in the MDE priority process with Nah Tah Wahsh and the Michigan Department of Education.


Bahweting Charter School has been designated a Focus School by the Michigan Department of Education.  The Focus designation relates to the gap between the 30% highest achieving and the 30% lowest achieving students.   Mr. Pistulka is working with the school to lower the gap.


Academic Affairs Staffing Update


Dr. Paul Lang, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs discussed reorganization within the division.  The reorganization is due to upcoming changes and retirements in key leadership positions. 


Dr. Lang also introduced four new academic department heads:  Dr. Nanci Gasiewicz, Dr. John Rebers, Dr. Mark Paulsen, Dr. Robert Engelhart; Ms. Erica Franich, Director of Grants and Contracts; and Dr. Dale Kapla, Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Programming and Faculty Affairs.


Dr. Lewis thanked the Committee and the meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m.