Thursday, December 12, 2013

7:30 a.m.


1.     Governance

The Committee continued the discussion on the overall governance approach for the Board, including a potential modification to the ad hoc nominating committee to include overall Board development (e.g., onboarding, off-boarding, training, succession planning, board effectiveness, BSC, etc.). The Committee will discuss this topic further with the full Board at the February retreat.


2.     Organizational Structure and Key Personnel Issues, openings, and transitions
The Committee discussed the status of key leadership position openings.  They also discussed the presidential search status and plan ahead.  The presidential search process is on schedule.

3.     Enrollment Update

The Committee discussed the status of Enrollment, including the immediate impact of the new Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services, Dr. Steven Neiheisel.

4.     Branding Update

The Committee briefly discussed the status of the branding project.

5.     Campus Environment

a.      The Tobacco Free Campus proposal will come to the full Board on Friday, December 12, 2013 at the Formal Session.

b.     The Board and administration continue to work with key community, government, and other stakeholders.

6.     Other

a.      President Haynes will be sending a book on Board effectiveness to the Executive Committee.

b.     The Board will look to the February retreat to focus on Senior team interface with the Board of Trustees.



Richard M. Popp, Chair