A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Northern Michigan University was held on Thursday, April 30, 2015, in the 1899 Room of the University Center.  It was convened by Chair Richard M. Popp at 8:15 a.m.


Participating were:     

Mr. Richard M. Popp, Chair

Mr. Scott L. Holman

Dr. H. Sook Wilkinson

Dr. Thomas H. Zurbuchen

Dr. Fritz J. Erickson



Overall Governance Approach

The Committee discussed the importance of continuing discussions with the Board, administration, and campus community regarding the University’s overall governance:

·         Continue discussions on changes to the vision/mission

·         Begin open forums on strategic planning to implement new plan mid-fall

·         Core Processes – continue discussions on what processes we need and determine measurements to determine if we are executing them

·         Continue discussions on topics for core forums within the campus community, the administration, and the Board

·         Open meetings with faculty and the Board


Organizational Structure and Key Personnel Issues, Openings, and Transitions
The Committee discussed the status of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs search.  The last candidate is on campus for final interviews today.


Key Strategic Priorities

The Committee discussed the importance of the four key strategic priorities – enrollment, student success, community engagement, and academic excellence.


Presidential Evaluation/Assessment

The Committee discussed President Erickson’s self-assessment and the next steps in the evaluation and compensation process.  Trustee Wilkinson provided an overview of a session she attended at the AGB Conference regarding presidential evaluation and assessment processes.


Former President David Haynes’ salary effective July 1, 2015

The Committee discussed the process in determining former President Haynes’ salary at the completion of his current contract.


Walk-In Items

·         International Programs – Mr. Holman provided some information regarding a recruiter for Chinese students.  The Committee had a general discussion around the use of recruiters for international students.

·         Dr. Wilkinson provided an overview of sessions from the AGB Conference regarding process for performance evaluation for the president – for the position itself – an annual assessment process and then the a more comprehensive evaluation during the third or fifth year which would involve more stakeholders.

·         Trustee Holman gave an overview of a session he attended at the AGB Conference regarding the compliance of government regulations.  The Finance Committee will take the lead on this topic and provide an assessment/status of the University’s compliance in all respects. 


The Committee adjourned at 9:35 a.m.



Richard M. Popp, Chair