December 14, 2017

2:00 p.m.

602 Cohodas Hall









                       1.         Academic Senate Report

                                   Dr. Alec Lindsay, Chair, Academic Senate




                       2.         Charter Schools Board Appointments/Update

                                   Dr. KC Holder, Charter Schools Officer




                       3.         School of Education Accreditation Update

                                   Dr. Joe Lubig, Associate Dean/Director School of Education




                       4.         New Program:  Applied Science in Management

                                   Dr. David Rayome, Dean, College of Business




                       5.         Freshman Research Project

                                   Dr. Jess Thompson, Communication & Performance Studies

McKenzie Mathewson, Carley Dole, Chloe Gerathy

(Students in PR 250 Public Relations Research Methods)




                       6.         Extended Learning and Community Engagement Update

                                   Dr. Steve VandenAvond, Vice President

                                   Extended Learning and Community Engagement