May 4 – 5, 2017



Thursday, May 4, 2017


  1:20 p.m.       Finance Committee MeetingBoard Room, 602 Cohodas Hall.


  2:30 p.m.       Academic Affairs Committee MeetingBoard Room, 602 Cohodas Hall.



Friday, May 5, 2017


  9:00 a.m.       Formal Session Called to Order.  Board Room, 602 Cohodas Hall.


  9:00 a.m.       1.        Moment of Silence – Mr. Gavin Leach


  9:05 a.m.       2.        Individual Requests to Address the Board – Ms. Cathy Niemi


  9:10 a.m.       3.        Indigenous People’s Day Resolution – Mr. Tristan Ruiz, ASNMU President


  9:25 a.m.       4.        Sustainability Update – Dr. Jessica Thompson and Mr. Brandon Sager


  9:40 a.m.       5.        Focus Discussion – Tuition and Fees – Mr. Gavin Leach


10:10 a.m.       6.        Focus Discussion – EAN Buildout – Mr. Gavin Leach and Dr. Steve VandenAvond


10:40 a.m.       7.        Commencement Speakers:


                        Introduction of Graduating Student Commencement Speaker –
Dr. Kerri Schuiling


                                          Ms. Jeulani Gahiji

                                          Entrepreneurship Major


                           Announcement of Honorary Degree Recipient and Commencement Speaker – President Fritz Erickson


Mr. Jason Jennings, NMU alum, business leadership researcher, and best-selling author, will receive the Honorary Degree, Doctor of Business.   He will also be the May 2017 Commencement Speaker.


10:45 a.m.       8.        ASNMU Update – Mr. Tristan Ruiz


10:50 a.m.       9.        President’s Report – President Erickson


10:55 a.m.       10.       Committee Reports:


a.      Academic Affairs – Mr. Steve Mitchell

b.      Finance – Ms. Tami Seavoy

c.       Executive – Chair Scott Holman


11:10 a.m.       11.       Action on Formal Recommendations – Chair Scott Holman


11:15 a.m.       12.       2017 Board of Trustees Meeting Calendar – Chair Scott Holman


11:20 a.m.       13.       Announcement of Informal Session to be held in conjunction with the Thursday – Friday, September 21 – 22, 2017 Meeting of the Board – President Erickson



11:25 a.m.       Formal Session Adjourned









Academic Affairs                              Finance                                            Executive

Steven M. Mitchell, Chair                   Tami M. Seavoy, Chair                    Scott L. Holman, Chair

Alexis M. Hart                                    Lisa I. Fittante                                 Robert E. Mahaney

Richard M. Popp                                 James K. Haveman                          Steven M. Mitchell

Scott L. Holman, ex officio                Scott L. Holman, ex officio             Tami M. Seavoy

Fritz J Erickson, ex officio                  Fritz J Erickson, ex officio               Fritz J Erickson