July 18, 2019


A.     Minutes:


 1.     That the minutes of the May 3, 2019 meeting of the Board be approved.


B.     Personnel Actions: 




1.          Eckert, Lisa S., Dean – Graduate Education and Research, effective July 1, 2019.  (Contract Extension) (transferring from Interim Dean to Dean)


2.          Ivanovic, Mlado, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, a tenure-track appointment, effective August 19, 2019.


3.          Lindala, April E., Associate Professor – Center for Native American Studies, a permanent tenure appointment, effective July 1, 2019.  (Transfer from Department Head to Faculty)


4.          Van Blommestein, Alexander, Assistant Professor – Communication and Performance Studies, a tenure-track appointment, effective August 19, 2019.




5.          The following faculty member be promoted to the rank of Associate Professor effective August 21, 2019:


Professor Shaun Thunell

School of Clinical Sciences


C.     Degrees


1.          The May 2019 final list of graduates and the August 2019 preliminary list of graduates be approved.  A copy of the lists are on file with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.


D.     Property and Finance:


1.          That the funding request for the proposal to the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs grant, be approved.  A copy of the proposal is on file with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees.


2.          That the Business, Clinical Lab Sciences, and Nursing differential tuition increase of $1 per credit, be approved.


3.          That the graduate tuition increase of $25 per credit, be approved.


4.          That the extension/online undergraduate tuition rate be increased by the same amount as the on-campus undergraduate tuition rate, be approved.


5.          That a refundable Student Recreation Pass Fee increase of $3 per semester, be approved.


6.          That the Music, Natural Sciences, and TOS Course Fee increase of $1 per credit, be approved.


7.          That the purchase of new Chemistry Department equipment needed for the Medicinal Plant Chemistry Program, in the amount of $1.2 million, be approved.


8.          That the Board of Trustees of Northern Michigan University approval for the upcoming academic year Technology, Learning, and Communication (TLC) notebook program annual purchase of 1,410 additional ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7s, model 20QE (to include warranty, engineering services, software imaging, and shipping costs) and 70 Apple MacBook Pros, model Z0UH, be confirmed.


E.     Special Items:


1.          That the Center for Native American Studies be transferred to the School of Education, Leadership, and Public Service, effective July 22, 2019.


2.          That the deletion of the following program be approved:


·       Associate of Applied Science – General University Studies, effective summer 2019


This recommendation is a result of the SRA review.  The current A.A.S. degree in General University Studies and its 62 concentrations is confusing, and, more importantly, does not meet the needs of the students.


3.          That the following new programs be approved:


·       Associate of Arts – General Studies, effective fall 2019

·       Associate of Science – General Studies, effective fall 2019