Addendum #3



ASNMU President's Report

To the NMU Board of Trustees

August 8, 2003



I'd like to talk to you today about the H.E.L.P Initiative which I will momentarily explain, some positive feedback I've heard, and student involvement in the Presidential Search Process.


I’d like to begin by talking to you about the dominant project on our agenda for the fall: The Higher Education Letter Project. Helping Higher Education is a program established by ASNMU in an attempt to preserve the resources needed to maintain quality institutions for higher education.  The goal is to improve the current state of higher education by creating awareness about government spending and informing state politicians that we—their constituents—believe a greater percentage of tax dollars should be spent on higher education. Helping Higher Education intends to raise awareness of students, faculty, and other taxpayers about how state and federal tax dollars are spent; their voices will be heard by state politicians, beginning with the Speaker of the House and the Governor, through letters and media outlets around the state.  All Michigan universities will be encouraged to participate in the letter writing campaign. Our overall goal is 2000 letters to be sent out between Monday October 20th and Friday the 24th. One of our most powerful tools for educating students will be the web-site at:  


This is a project that we are pretty excited about and one we think can bring a lot of positive exposure to the school as well as hopefully being a catalyst for change in state budget allocations.


While on the topic of things that bring positive exposure to the school I'd like to share with you some of the positive feedback I've heard about some recently instituted programs.


ASNMU student reps working in the call center have told me they've heard nothing but positive feedback about the payment plans and the flexibility they offer students.


I have heard equally positive remarks about the performance of the call center and its ability to alleviate phone traffic for the student service center.


I have also been very satisfied with Dr. Roy’s performance thus far. He has been very receptive to the feedback he receives from my board and me. Additionally my meetings with him have been very helpful. He has shown an admirable dedication to student needs.


Finally I'd like to report on the degree of student involvement in the Presidential search process. We as students greatly appreciate the efforts made thus far by this board to include students in the search process. From having myself representing the students on the PSAC to the opportunity afforded to us yesterday to meet with Ms. Storbeck of A.T. Kearney to the web-site for input being set up, this Board has shown the students that they are committed to involving us in the process.


It is my sincere hope and one that I know is shared by faculty/staff and students alike that we will continue to have opportunities such as the one yesterday to meet as groups with a consultant, especially once the majority of the campus community returns upon the start of the new term.


Thank you.

Kyle Ortiz, ASNMU President