BOARD OF TRUSTEES

                                              NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY


                                             Agenda for meeting of August 6, 2004




1.       Review and approval of previous minutes for December 2003 and April 2004 (attached)   (CAR)


Closed Agenda


2.       Investment performance  (information only)


·        Mr. Bill Hummel, Fund Evaluation Group


Open Agenda


3.       Draft of 2003-2004 Audited Financial Statements and Management Letter (materials attached).  (CAR)


·        Mr. Duane Reyhl, Senior Manager – Andrews, Hooper, and Pavlik p.l.c. and

      Ms. Sandra Haavisto, Controller – Northern Michigan University


4.       2004-2005 General Fund Base Budget (CAR)


5.       2004-2005 General Fund Designated and Carry-Over Budget  (CAR)


6.       457B Deferred Compensation Plan (CAR)


7.       Re-designation of the C.B. Hedgcock Building   (CAR)


8.       State Auditor General – Performance Report







(CAR) = Committee Action Required