February 22-23, 2007



A.     Minutes:


  1.    That the minutes of the December 14-15, 2006 meeting of the Board be approved. (backup)



B.      Gifts, Grants, Agreements and Contracts:


  1.    The following gifts to Technology and Occupational Sciences (values to be determined at sale):


                   From                                                                                 Description

                   Robert Green, Marquette, Michigan                                1991 Chrysler Imperial Four-door

                   Herb Grenke, Marquette, Michigan                                 1997 Ford Taurus Four-door

                   Michael Hill, Marquette, Michigan                                  1999 Chevrolet Venture

                   Joseph & Joanne L'Huillier, Marquette, Michigan           1990 Cadillac Four-door

                   JM Longyear LLC, Marquette, Michigan                        2000 Chevrolet Blazer

                   Marie Lovelace, Michigamme, Michigan                         1987 Chevrolet Sport Van

                   Marie Lovelace, Michigamme, Michigan                         1988 Oldsmobile Four-door

                   Michael Marsden, DePere, Wisconsin                             1992 Oldsmobile Truck

                   Jeffrey Mills, Wausau, Wisconsin                                    1995 Oldsmobile Achieva Two-door

                   Ronald Patton & Robyn Lavey, Ishpeming, Michigan    1992 Buick Four-door

                   Gerald Peterson, Marquette, Michigan                            1993 Ford Aerostar

                   Richard Ross, Ishpeming, Michigan                                1993 Ford Explorer Four-door

                   Susan Waters, Marquette, Michigan                                1991 Pontiac Four-door

                   Carol Whitman Johnson, Marquette, Michigan               1994 Mercury Villager

                   Frei Chevrolet, Marquette, Michigan                               1991 Chevrolet Blazer


  2.    A gift to Technology and occupational Sciences from Allen & Kathryn Solka, Marquette, Michigan, 12 new cookbooks (appraised value: $200).


  3.    A gift to Technology and Occupational Sciences form Allen & Kathryn Solka, Marquette, Michigan, one custom, king size quilt, made with designer floral fabric (appraised value: $1,500).



C.     Personnel Actions: 




   1.    Mary Freier, Associate Professor, Academic Information Services/Library, a tenure-earning appointment, effective March 5, 2007.


   2.   That Dr. Susan J. Koch be appointed Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor with Tenure in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, effective July 1, 2007.


   3.   Charles Wolfe, Instructor, College of Business, a tenure-earning appointment, effective August 22, 2007.



D.     Degrees:


  1.    That Mr. Stephen L. Gulis, Jr., '79, CFO, Executive Vice President and Treasurer, Wolverine World Wide, Inc., receive an Honorary Degree, Doctor of Business, at the May 2007 Commencement Ceremony.  Mr. Gulis will also be the Commencement Speaker.



E.      Property and Finance:



F.      Special Items: 


  1.    That the Department of Art and Design name be changed to the School of Art and Design.


  2.    That Mrs. Phyllis C. Maki receive the Northern Michigan University President's Lifetime Achievement Award, to be presented at an event held in her honor on campus on Saturday, March 24, 2007. 


  3.    That the following Board of Trustees Standing Committees be approved for the period February 5, 2007 through December 31, 2007:


Academic Affairs                       Finance                                     Executive


Jon G. LaSalle, Chair                   Douglas B. Roberts, Chair        Samuel S. Benedict, Chair

Samuel S. Benedict                      Alan T. Ackerman                     Brian D. Cloyd

Brian D. Cloyd                            Stephen F. Adamini                  Douglas B. Roberts

Gilbert L. Ziegler                         Samuel S. Benedict                   Mary C. Lukens, ex officio

Mary C. Lukens, ex officio          Mary C. Lukens, ex officio       Leslie E. Wong, ex officio

         Leslie E. Wong, ex officio           Leslie E. Wong, ex officio        ­­­­Alan T. Ackerman, alternate