NMU Board of Trustees Meeting

May 2, 2003


From thought to Policy


Continuing programs, projects and committees currently in place

            -Dozing Discounts

                -S.S. Wildcat

                -Consignment Book Sale

                -Childcare Scholarship

                -TLC sub-committee

                -Diversity sub-committee

                -Dining Service review sub-committee

                -Student Saver Cards


New Direction:



                I would like to see ASNMU make a shift back to focusing on its primary purpose, that of a representative body. We are the student voice to the administration, and too much programming on our part can take away from that mission. We need to have more continuity among our representatives and a set agenda when we go to university committee meetings. Therefore I would like to set up corresponding ASNMU committees to review the issues being discussed in university committees and educate reps on relevant student concerns.



                The role of an educational institution is to prepare its students and give them the tools necessary to get a job. The mark of a truly exceptional institution is one where students graduate not just with a diploma but also with a job, therefore it should be the goal of NMU’s advising system to have jobs or  graduate programs lined up for graduating students. This would be accomplished by building an advising system that goes beyond course scheduling and strives in areas of career development such as internships and other connections in the field.  Advising was one of the areas chosen by AQIP to be reviewed by the school. It is our job as the student voice to be as involved in the process as possible to ensure that the new advising system will be one that benefits students and sheds a positive light on the institution.



                As the budget process continues it is imperative that we, as student leaders, stay informed and involved. It is our job to make sure the student concerns about all aspects of the budget cuts are known to the administration. It is also our job to ensure all students are informed about every step of the process.



                Nothing compares to experience when it comes to learning, which is why diversity is fundamental to the effectiveness of this institution. Diversity is not just a matter of race or sexual orientation; it is something much bigger, diversity is bringing a wealth of ideas, people and experiences to campus. Northern students should be exposed to as many ideas as possible in order to create a well-educated student body. We as ASNMU should be leaders in encouraging and facilitating such a diverse learning environment.


Student Organizations Senate (SOS):

                Although I strongly believe ASNMU’s role is one of representation and not programming, I also think it is our role as a representative body to help educate student organizations on how to program and where to find money, which will ultimately make the university a more diverse place. In order to do this I would like to see ASNMU start a Student Organizations Senate that would meet monthly or bi-monthly and be a chance for student organizations to come together and discuss their programming and ways to work better. This would give organizations a chance to discuss possible joint fundraisers for their operations, and a chance to be educated on how to get student activity fee funding through the student finance committee, facility use and other important topics. This would also give them a chance to find out what else is going on and invite other organizations to be a part of their programming, and help alleviate conflicting programming.


-Kyle James Ortiz

ASNMU President