Board of Trustees


May 2, 2003


The Development Fund reports that the campaign total through April 30, 2003 is $34,120,622 which is 113.74% of the goal of $30 million. This represents an increase of $1,856,142 since the December meeting of the Board, and $3.4 million since my report to you one year ago. †We surpassed the $34 million mark in April and with the close of the campaign on June 30, 2003 we find Ellwood Mattsonís ultimate goal of $35 million within our reach.


Significant gifts during this time include:



The Annual Fund appeal for this closing campaign year is concluding with a third and final mail appeal recently sent and an e-mail solicitation scheduled for May. Results to date for the direct mail and calling campaigns show a total of $240,000 in gifts to the unrestricted annual fund and designated projects, with an average gift of $109 for mail response and $62 for telephone pledges.†


Analysis of the results and strategy for the 2004 annual fund will be a major project this summer.† Weíll also be preparing for the announcement of the final campaign total, analyzing the results for reporting and website broadcast, and planning for the closing event. And in two weeks the Development Fund Board of Trustees will hold their annual meeting, at which time we will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of the incorporation of the Development Fund.


As Northernís first campaign draws quickly to a close, I would like to thank the NMU Board of Trustees and administration for the support you have provided to the Development Fund board, staff and fundraising volunteers.† We have experienced tremendous growth and achieved outstanding results in this campaign and your leadership has been instrumental in the fundraising success the university has experienced.† As this is my final campaign report to you as interim director, I also want to thank you for the opportunity to address the board with an update at each meeting.