Introduced by: Kyle James Ortiz, ASNMU President


A Resolution to formally recommend to President Roy and the Northern Michigan University (NMU) Board of Trustees to support the United States Olympic Education Center (USOEC),


Whereas the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University (ASNMU) Governing Board recognizes the value the USOEC brings to Northern Michigan University,


Recognizing the OEC’s value to Northern Michigan University both in diversity (both by the students and events it attracts) and bringing positive outside attention from around the world to the University,


Whereas ASNMU finds it essential for Northern to continue to provide the only outlet for student athletes to pursue their Olympic dreams while getting an education,


Realizing that not doing so forces aspiring student athletes to have to choose between their athletic goals and educational goals,


Realizing that the OEC nearly covers its cost with tuition and fees paid by the student athletes,


Whereas recent improvements and investments in the facilities have the OEC in the best position for growth in the program's history,


Whereas the program has grown significantly in the year since its expansion, including the addition of a new sport,


Whereas if the program continues to grow it will begin to cover its own cost in the very near future,


Be it further resolved that ASNMU supports the OEC in the interest of the approximately 65 students who train with the OEC as well as the entire student body that benefits from their contributions to the campus community,


Be it finally resolved that ASNMU finds the continued operation of the OEC to be an asset to the future of the University.



Kyle James Ortiz, ASNMU President