BOARD OF TRUSTEES

                                              NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY


                                            Agenda for meeting of October 9, 2003




1.       Review and approval of previous minutes (attached)   (CAR)



Closed Agenda


2.       Review of Investment performance  (information only)

·        Mr. Bill Hummell, Fund Evaluation Group



Open Agenda


3.       Internal Audits   (CAR)

·        2002-2003 Audit of Art and Design Department Co-Op

·        Review of Bookstore Inventory for FY2002-2003

·        Tuition and Grading Controls for FY2002-2003


       Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Audit   (CAR)

·        Whitewater Grant #02-620


4.       Review of Management Letter from Andrews, Hooper, and Pavlik, p.l.c. for year ended June 30, 2003   (CAR)


5.       Financial Statements for year ended June 30, 2003   (CAR)


6.       Review Draft of of 2003-2004 Operating Budget Request   (CAR)


7.       Review Draft of Facilities 5-Year Master Plan Request  (CAR)


·        2003-2004 Capital Outlay Project Request   (CAR)


8.       Fraud Policy Update


9.       Update on GASB No. 39 – component unit reporting (information only)





(CAR) = Committee Action Required