Addendum #4

Presidentís Report to the Board on Enrollment


October 6, 2005




The Fall 2005 preliminary enrollment numbers are very positive and represent the highest enrollment count in University history. Here are some key findings:



(1) Our 10th day count was 9,379 which represents an increase of 324 students or 3.6% over the comparable period for Fall 2004;


(2) Enrollment of new baccalaureate freshmen was 1,389 which was actually up 1 student from Fall 2004 despite a smaller number of applications. The outcome was due to stronger conversion of admitted to enrolled new freshmen;


(3) Third semester retention of baccalaureate new freshmen was 73.3%, the highest level ever;


(4) Graduate enrollment is rebounding strongly and is up 13% over the Fall 2004 preliminary counts,


(5) Increased enrollment from Michigan has spurred the enrollment gains this fall. Surprisingly, the West Central Upper Peninsula counts have increased markedly and will reflect an even more dominant market share of this population.


(6) Credit hour totals are up 3.1% and 90% of our undergraduate students are full-time.