Northern Michigan University


Agenda for meeting of October 5, 2006




1.      Review and approval of previous minutes for August 2006* (CAR)


Closed Agenda

2.      Investment Performance Mr. Dave Wetzel, Fund Evaluation Group

         Review of Investment Management performance*

         Active versus Passive Investment Management Discussion


Open Agenda

3.      Audits Mr. Matthew Riipi, Internal Auditor

         Internal Audits* (CAR)

         Hockey Raffle Audit for 2004 2002/2004-13

         Audit of the Art & Design Department Cooperative for 2004-2005 2004/2005-13

         Audit of the Art & Design Department Cooperative for 2005-2006 2005/2006-12

         Audit of Tuition and Grading for FY 2005/2006 2006/2007-1

         Audit of Payroll for FY 2005/2006 2006/2007-2

         Audit of the University Charter Schools Program 2006/2007-3


         Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Audits* (CAR)

         Louisiana-Pacific Corporation / Newberry Grant #03-1003


         Financial Statements Year-ending June 30, 2006* (CAR)

         Comments and Recommendations from Rehmann Robson*


4.      Budgets Mr. Gavin Leach, Associate Vice President for Finance and Planning

         State Budget Request* (CAR)

         Financial Indicators*


5.      Capital Outlay Dr. Michael J. Roy, Vice President for Finance and Administration

         Facilities 5-Year Master Plan Request / Capital Outlay Project Request* (CAR)

         Deferred Maintenance Plan* (CAR)


6.      Other

         Student Managed Investment Fund Policy* (CAR)





*Back-up information attached


(CAR) = Committee Action Required