About the Extended Learning and Community Engagement Committee

The Board of Trustees of Northern Michigan University hereby establishes a Committee on Extended Learning and Community Engagement (ELCE).

Three or four members shall serve on the committee and shall be appointed by the Chair of the Board with the consent of the Board.  The Board Chair and the President of the University shall serve as ex officio members.  Terms of the members' service on the Committee shall be for one calendar year.

The ELCE Committee's scope of inquiry shall be to:

  • Advise the Board of Trustees on matters pertaining to academic personnel, programs, and budgets, related to Extended Learning and Community Engagement, and to assure that these are properly integrated in support of the mission;
  • Periodically review and assess ELCE learning priorities;
  • Review and ensure that the University assesses the effectiveness of ELCE initiatives.
  • Provide insight in support of ELCE programs, policies, and procedures.

In support of the above, the ELCE Committee is expected to review and report (or recommend, when appropriate) to the full Board of Trustees the following:

  1. Reports regarding the planning processes, goals, and objectives of the Extended Learning and Community Engagement Division;
  2. Reports regarding enrollment in credit and non-credit programs in ELCE;
  3. Reports on such matters as distance teaching and learning programs, economic development, community outreach, business engagement, continuing education, workforce development, and other areas relevant to the work of the Extended Learning and Community Engagement Division.

2022 Members:

  • Ms. Alexis M. Hart, Chair
  • Mr. Jason T. Morgan
  • Ms. Tami M. Seavoy
  • Mr. Stephen E. Young, ex officio
  • Dr. Kerri D. Schuiling, ex officio