2022 - 2023 Undergraduate Bulletin

A degree audit is a listing of course work and requirements that the student must complete before minimally becoming eligible for a certificate or degree. This audit is prepared each semester for eligible students in order to assist them in preparing for their degrees. To be eligible for an audit, a student must be matriculated in a degree-granting program and have declared a major, concentration and minor, if required, and have acquired sufficient earned hours toward a degree according to the following chart:

Baccalaureate degree 87 earned semester credit hours
Associate degree 32 earned semester credit hours
Certificate 16 earned semester credit hours

Course work that is in progress is not considered complete. Students should review their audit carefully with their advisers prior to advance registration. Students who file for graduation will receive a final audit and their records will be reviewed to determine graduation eligibility. A student who is eligible for an audit and does not receive one should contact the Registrar’s Office.