Jessica Thompson

Professor - Public Relations

Dr. Jessica Thompson (PhD University of Utah, 2007) teaches courses in environmental and social responsibility, new media and public relations. She is also a trained facilitator and mediator and holds an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in Adaptive Management of Environmental Systems.

Her research is focused on team and organizational communication about complex ecological issues, such as climate change resilience and sustainable development. Recent research projects include working with interdisciplinary teams studying resilience in Mongolia, ecosystem services in the Gulf of Mexico, and building communication capacity for climate change engagement at U.S. National Parks and USFWS Wildlife Refuges across the United States.

Dr. Thompson has published more than 35 peer reviewed manuscripts in numerous journals including Science Communication, Environmental Communication, Society and Natural Resources and Journal of Applied Communication Research. Her most recent project is an edited book about place-based learning, America’s Largest Classroom: What We Learn From Our National Parks, which is being published by the University of California Press and will be released in April, 2020.