Skill Builder Workshops 2022

About the Workshop Series

All workshops last approximately one hour. To register, please visit The Hub. Registration is free and open to current students and NMU alumni.

Questions should be referred to NMU Career Services at 906-227-2800 or Workshops are brought to you by Career Services and the Student Leader Fellowship Program.

Fall 2022 Workshops: 
(Dates, times and locations for the Fall Semester 2022 will be updated soon.)

Extroversion and Introversion – Are you a Meteor or a Constellation?

Do you enter a room fiery and bold like a bright and powerful meteor, or do you have the subtler complexity of a constellation like Orion? Both extroverts (the meteors) and introverts (the constellations) have the ability to contribute to the success or struggles of a team or project, and both can be an asset or liability in the world of work. This workshop explores the importance of understanding and appreciating the qualities of each type.

Best Dressed in the Galaxy: How to (and NOT to) Dress for Career Success

You only get one chance at a first impression – make it count! This workshop covers how to show up as the best version of yourself in career-related situations, from conferences, to interviews, to on-the-job and beyond. Join Career Services to discuss strategies and a thoughtful approach to show up confidently as your authentic self.

“Houston, We Have a Problem”: The Art of Leveraging Your Strengths When You Need to Most

Identifying and forging your ideal career path starts with knowing where you shine! Are you a skillful communicator able to deliver a tough message and perform under pressure? Are you deliberate in your decision-making, able to reason through and anticipate risk? This workshop will challenge you to consider your strengths and how they can effectively translate in the world of work, from career planning to executing on the responsibilities of your role.

Are You On The Right Career Path?

Find clarity and confidence in the unexpected randomness of life. This workshop gives you the opportunity to consider the possibilities your major brings, if it is the right major for you and guidance on what to do with it. 

Modern, Out of This World, Resumes

The internet is filled with bad resume advice. Learn to identify what makes a good resume and how to start writing one that will get through the AI that screens resumes and gets you the interview.

One Giant Leap: The #1 best way to get hired

The saying, “It's not what you know but who you know,” is not true. It is who knows what you can do. Learn ways to show the people making the hiring decisions how you can contribute to their organization.