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Date Approved:9-21-2016
Last Revision:12-10-2021
Last Reviewed:12-10-2021
Approved By:President


To establish a uniform response to incidents of retaliation.


All University employees, students and visitors.  Retaliation is not limited to the respondent of a complaint; adverse action committed by a friend, relative, peer, or sympathizer of the respondent is also prohibited. 


It is a violation of University policy to intimidate, discipline, discharge, or harass any individual who has in good faith reported misconduct or fraud, filed a complaint, instituted proceedings, assisted in an investigation or compliance review, or formally or informally objected to sexual misconduct and/or discriminatory practices. 

The types of retaliation that are prohibited include but are not limited to intimidation; adverse action with respect to student assignments or grades; adverse action which threatens or endangers a student’s access to campus educational and social programs; adverse action with respect to employment assignments, salary, vacation, or other terms of employment; unlawful discrimination; termination of employment; adverse action against a relative of the reporter; or threats of any of the above. 

Individuals who violate this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary proceedings.  If found to have violated the policy, the individual may be subject to the full range of available sanctions, up to and including termination of employment, dismissal from an academic program, or suspension/expulsion from the University.  Further, some disruptive, threatening or violent behavior is prohibited by Michigan law.  When appropriate, the University will refer cases to the Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney for possible criminal prosecution.

To report retaliation:

  • For immediate assistance in an emergency including assault, direct threat of violence, any incident involving a hostage or weapon, or if you believe the situation is an emergency, dial 9-1-1 or call Public Safety and Police Services. 
  • In non-emergency situations, the incident should be reported either to the Equal Opportunity Office (faculty and staff) or to the Dean of Students Office (students).

The University welcomes and encourages you to report all complaints of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and sexual misconduct.  All complaints or inquiries should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator.  In the event there is a complaint against an executive level administrator or a member of the Board of Trustees, reports may be made directly to the University’s General Counsel, who reports directly to the Board of Trustees, or to the Chair or Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees.  All complaints will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken based on the investigation findings, facts, and circumstances.