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Acceptance Of Gifts (Excluding Real Estate)

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Acceptance Of Gifts (Excluding Real Estate)

Contact the oversight unit listed below if you have questions or concerns regarding this policy.

Date Approved:10-12-2016
Last Revision:8-29-2017
Last Reviewed:8-29-2017
Approved By:President
Oversight Unit:PURCHASING
Attached form file: VehicleDonationOct2017.docx
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This policy has a related procedure. Click to view the procedure below.
This policy has a related guideline. Click to view the guideline below.


To ensure that NMU staff understand and follow gift acceptance protocols.   


Tangible Personal Property valued less than $5,000 may be accepted using the Personal Property Donation Form, with approval by the Department Head and the Manager of Purchasing.  Licensed vehicles which meet the criteria determined by the Manager of Purchasing may also be accepted using the Personal Property Donation Form and required attachment forms.  Neither type of donation requires approval higher than Department Head and Manager of Purchasing. 

For all other gifts, a committee comprised of the University President, the CEO of the Foundation, and the NMU Foundation Board President or a designee of any of the foregoing may convene to review the terms of any non-monetary gift and its impact on the University’s interests.  The NMU Board of Trustees will review all Committee recommendations for acceptance. 

Donor anonymity in publications will be respected when requested by the donor and permitted by law; anonymity cannot be assured unless the donation is made directly through NMU Foundation. 

The Gift Acceptance Committee reviews all gifts in the following categories to determine whether the gift will be accepted by the NMU Foundation or by Northern Michigan University (See NMU Foundation Policy for details and criteria):

  • Closely Held Securities
  • Real Property
  • Intellectual Property
  • Restricted Gifts
  • Tangible Personal Property, including art, valued in excess of $5,000 (except licensed vehicle, no matter the value, which may be processed through the university)