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Minors on Campus

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Minors on Campus

Reporting abuse or neglect: Anyone who knows, suspects, or receives information indicating that a child or teen has been abused or neglected, or who has other concerns about the safety of children or teens should report this information. Most Northern Michigan University employees and volunteers are mandated reporters who MUST inform the appropriate program administrator, the NMU Police Department (906 227-2151) or the Michigan Department of Human Services at (855) 444-3911

Date Approved:5-4-2018
Last Revision:5-4-2018
Last Reviewed:5-4-2018
Approved By:Board of Trustees
Oversight Unit:RISK & INSURANCE
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Northern Michigan University is committed to preventing sexual abuse.  We strive to offer a safe and enjoyable educational environment for all minors attending NMU programs. In support of that goal, this policy sets forth minimum requirements for conducting university youth programs.


These requirements apply to all programs operated by the university, non-university sponsored programs taking place on the campus grounds, and programs under the direction and authority of the university at locations off campus. Minor is defined as any person under the age of eighteen who is not enrolled, accepted for enrollment, or participating in a pre-enrollment activity such as a campus visit or scholarship competition.


For all university-sponsored youth programs, the program administrator will:

  • Register the program: the program administrator will plan appropriately to ensure completion of the registration process before the program begins (up to 60 days); 
  • Ensure proper criminal background screening, including a check of the sex offender registry(ies);
  • Ensure proper driving history screening;
  • Ensure the established Minors on Campus Code of Conduct is distributed and followed;
  • Use Northern Michigan University approved participant handbooks, forms, and handouts;
  • Adhere to all reporting obligations; and
  • Ensure that faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and applicable third parties complete required training.

Program administrators for non-university sponsored programs must complete the Safety of
Minors Addendum for the Facility Use Agreement.  

No deviation from the policy or the supporting guidelines are allowed without specific approval
of the NMU Police Department.  Specific guidelines to support this policy are administered and
approved by the NMU Police Department.

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