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Voluntary Psychological Withdrawal Policy (Pending Board of Trustees Approval)

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Voluntary Psychological Withdrawal Policy (Pending Board of Trustees Approval)

Last Revision:1-4-2022
Last Reviewed:2-4-2023
Attached form file: Treatment Provider Form.docx



Voluntary psychological withdrawals may be offered to students who are in extreme psychological distress such that they are incapable of functioning as a student or remaining reasonably safe. Voluntary psychological withdrawals must be requested by the student and approved by the Director of Counseling and Consultation Services (CSS) or designee and the Dean of Students or designee.

If the withdrawal is approved, the student must sign an agreement which sets forth the criteria for re-entry to Northern Michigan University. The length of the voluntary psychological withdrawal and any conditions for return will be based on an individualized assessment of each student and the best available medical evidence, with careful consideration given to the opinions and recommendations of the student's treating physician or mental health professional, if available.

Once the student signs a voluntary withdrawal agreement, the student will be considered officially withdrawn from all classes and must leave campus for the time stipulated in the agreement. Refund of the tuition and room and board fees will be made in accordance with University refund policies. A hold will be placed on the student's record in order to ensure compliance with re-entry requirements, and the student will receive "W" grades for the semester. If the student indicated to the Dean of Students or designee that they desire to receive "Incomplete" grades in any courses, the Dean of Students or designee shall contact the instructor(s) to determine the student's eligibility to receive “I” grades. Students for whom "I" grades are assigned will be expected to complete course requirements by deadline dates determined by the instructor(s).

Any student who takes a voluntary psychological withdrawal for a set length of time or with set conditions for return may seek early return from the set length of time, or a change in conditions for return. This request will be considered after an individualized assessment of the student and appropriate medical evidence, as described above.

A student seeking reinstatement following a Voluntary Psychological Withdrawal should submit a letter via mail, e-mail, or hand-delivery to:

Academic Proficiency Officer
Northern Michigan University
Academic and Career Advisement Center
1401 Presque Isle Avenue Marquette, MI 49855
Phone:      906-227-2971
Fax:          906-227-1751

The letter should provide the following information:
The student's name, NMU IN, telephone number, and e-mail address;
The semester the student withdrew from the University;
The semester the student seeks to return;
A copy of the withdrawal agreement;
A statement as to whether the student is requesting a change in the conditions of the agreement with regard to the length of time for withdrawal or the conditions for return and, if so, what changes are requested;
The program level to which the student seeks to return (e.g., Associate Degree Program, Bachelor Degree Program, etc.);
A student's intended major;
A description of what the student has been doing since their withdrawal; and
A description of measures the student has taken to address the issues that led to the student's withdrawal.


A student seeking reinstatement from a Voluntary Psychological Withdrawal must sign a release of information form granting permission for the Academic Proficiency Officer to consult with Disability Services and the Dean of Students or their designees about the information in the statement provided. If the University requires a student who seeks to return from a voluntary psychological withdrawal to submit medical information, it will be in the form of the University's Treatment Provider Form. See the attached "Treatment Provider Form."

Revised 2/25/21