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Legal Representation

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Legal Representation

Date Approved:12-9-1998
Last Revision:12-9-1998
Last Reviewed:12-9-1998
Approved By:President
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Contacting an attorney regarding University business.


Vice presidents, deans, directors, and department heads.


Only authorized individuals be able to contact an attorney for University business.



Legal Representation


The initial contact with an attorney regarding University business should be made only by or with the specific authorization of the Board of Control, the President, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, or for matters related to public school academies (charter schools), faculty labor relations, and broadcast-related matters for WNMU-TV and WNMU-FM, by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Whenever contacts with the attorneys are in writing, a copy of all correspondence is to be sent to the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration will be the clearing house for all attorney contacts. 

The attorneys should normally be asked to provide a written response (with a copy to the Vice President for Finance and Administration) within a reasonable time, which will vary with the complexity of the question, or questions, involved. Whenever possible, a specific time for the response should be indicated. If a response is not received within a reasonable time, a follow-up letter should be sent to the assigned attorney with a copy to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

The University staff should feel free to express candidly to the attorney any expectations that the responses from the attorney will summarize the problem, summarize the applicable laws, give the consequences of the various alternatives, and give a specific recommendation on the course of action which will be in the best interests of the University. The University staff should not be expected to interpret the law.