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Media Equipment Purchases

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Media Equipment Purchases

Date Approved:10-14-1987
Last Revision:10-14-1987
Last Reviewed:10-14-1987
Approved By:President
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To provide guidance for the purchase of electronic equipment for instructional, administrative or public service use.


This policy covers the purchase of all technology and electronic equipment (by faculty, staff and administrators) used in support of audio production, monitoring, enhancement or amplification and video production, projection, monitoring and enlargement.  This includes video and film projection devices, TV cameras, monitors, recorders, and associated support equipment.  Specifically excluded from this definition are officer copiers and computers which are covered under other similar policies.


Northern Michigan University is committed to quality of instruction.  It therefore is also committed to maintaining appropriate technical standards in media equipment purchases.

Considerable resources are allocated annually, both through individual departments and through the Learning Resources Division, to acquire this equipment.

Cost-effective acquisition, maintenance, and repair, can best be achieved through a procedure which relies on professional judgment and counsel.

Since equipment selection has become so extensive through the University, and because intended use of the equipment can be fairly predicted, the following procedure, setting forth standards and guidelines for purchase, maintenance, repair and backup, has been established.