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Inclement Weather

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Inclement Weather

Date Approved:10-1-1986
Last Revision:10-1-1986
Last Reviewed:10-1-1986
Approved By:Board of Trustees
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To make appropriate evaluations of current and projected conditions, to be used in considering if normal operations of the university will be curtailed during times of inclement weather.


All University employees, full time, part time, temporary, casual labor, students.


Following, during or when periods of inclement weather are predicted, the Director of Public Safety will be responsible for gathering pertinent information and consultation with the Vice President, Academic Affairs. Once a decision has been made to close the University, appropriate media and personnel notification will be made by Public Safety.

Bus transportation to and from off campus events may be provided regardless of the open/closed status of the University depending upon the weather condition en route. The go/no go decision for bus transportation provided by a charter bus company rests with the charter company and depends upon their company policy. The go/no go decision for bus transportation provided by the University will be made jointly by the bus driver, Director of Public Safety and Police Services and the department head for the department using the service.

While traveling to or from a destination, if inclement weather conditions are encountered, the travel/not travel decision is the ultimate responsibility of the bus driver. The driver may contact Public Safety and Police Services via cell phone to receive information on weather and road conditions to aid in the decision process.