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Date Approved:9-10-2008
Last Revision:9-10-2008
Last Reviewed:9-10-2008
Approved By:President
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It is the purpose of this policy to provide responsible tailgating for individuals attending events on university property in the NMU Sports and Recreation Complex. Tailgating is intended to complement the event enjoyment of all fans by providing appositive social gathering area prior to and at the completion of events.


NMU faculty/staff, students and also all individuals not associated with the university (general public attending events).


It is the policy of Northern Michigan University to allow NMU faculty/staff, students and also all individuals not associated with the university to tailgate in designated university areas when all conditions are met of the existing university procedures and guidelines.

***REMINDER: It is risky to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone other than yourself and your immediate party. Michigan law requires a license before a person can sell, trade or give away alcoholic beverages. A violation of this law is a felony. A social host does not need a license to serve his/her invited guests who fall within the usual understanding of friends and personal visitors. A social host may be legally and civilly liable to guests and others for injuries resulting from serving alcohol, especially to a minor. Northern Michigan University does not condone illegal or irresponsible use of alcohol.