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University ID

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University ID

Date Approved:2-18-2004
Last Revision:2-18-2004
Last Reviewed:2-18-2004
Approved By:President


To create a new method of identification which is designed to protect the privacy of the personal SSN, but allows an individual to easily identify oneself for University transactions. Traditionally, the Social Security Number (SSN) has been used as the main identifier for faculty, staff and students. As of September 1, 2004 SSN will no longer be used as a person’s principle identifier of use in accordance with this policy. The SSN will be retained as an attribute of a person much like date of birth or residing address.

This policy creates a new method of unique identification which is designed to protect the privacy of the personal SSN, but allows an individual to easily identify oneself for University transactions.


All University Departments


Principles and Definitions:

The two typical methods for an individual to represent their identity in relationship with various campus services and systems are the numeric university identification number and the logon ID for computer access. In addition, a campus card number can be used to extend one’s identity for specific transactions or temporary purposes.

  1. NMU Identification Number (NMU IN)
    A numeric ID which is computer generated and unrelated to any social security number, and therefore anonymous to an observer. It provides a one-to-one link to other attributes of one’s relationship with the University. The NMU IN is now this new eight-digit identifying number. Traditionally, the SSN was often used for this identification purpose, but that use is now discontinued by this policy.
  2. NMU User ID
    An alphanumeric ID which is more personalized and is typically used for computer access or login purposes. This identifier, the NMU user ID, can be up to 8 characters in length. It provides a one-to-one unique link to other attributes of ones relationship with the University. The NMU user ID is maintained in the university’s directory services and may be stored in other authentication systems. The NMU user ID can be changed to reflect name changes.
  3. Wildcat ID Card Number
    A Wildcat ID card number exists only for the life of the device or media in/on which it is stored. Typically it could be stored in the magnetic stripe or barcode of a plastic ID badge, but may exist in other devices or media, as well. If lost, expired, or disposed of, it can be inactivated.


  1. This policy prohibits the use of SSN as a publicly visible identification number for University-related business transactions, unless specifically required by law or business necessity. Applications may allow the SSN to be used for individual identification if it is optional.
  2. This policy recognizes that compliance will require our best efforts to change procedures, systems, reports and other printed materials that don’t require the SSN as essential information within such system, transaction or report. Therefore, it does not proscribe a specific timeframe for compliance, but periodic assessments of compliance may be made, as appropriate.
  3. The appropriate identification number should be the NMU IN. The appropriate login ID for computer resources should be the NMU User ID.
  4. The NMU User ID will be used as a standard for all computer resource authentication purposes.
  5. Systems developed or purchased after the effective date of this policy will not display social security numbers or use them as keys to databases.
  6. This policy assumes the official Northern Michigan University photo ID Card is issued and tracked by a single system.