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Emeritus Selection

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Emeritus Selection

Date Approved:2-6-2002
Last Revision:6-6-2019
Last Reviewed:6-6-2019
Approved By:President
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This policy establishes Northern Michigan University's Emeritus selection process.


This policy pertains to all individuals in the following staff groups: This policy pertains to all individuals in the following staff groups:  Academic Department Heads, Administrative Professionals, Coaches, Deans, Executive Management, tenured AAUP Faculty with the rank of Professor, NMUFA Faculty with the rank of Professor, Senior Administrators, and Senior Management.



Northern Michigan University's policy requires that individuals considered for Emeritus status must be nominated, considered by the respective Vice President and formally recommended to the President, and confirmed by the Board of Trustees.  To be eligible for consideration, the faculty or staff member must be assigned to a position from one of the staff groups listed above and normally have 10 or more years of outstanding service to Northern Michigan University. Northern Michigan University's Board of Trustees may nominate, consider, and bestow the Emeritus status on individuals who do not meet these eligibility requirements. Note:  Length of service to the University does not, by itself, warrant consideration for this honor.