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Dining Services

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Dining Services

Dining Services Central Office and Simply Superior Catering and Events ext. 2520

Date Approved:10-13-2010
Last Revision:2-6-2019
Last Reviewed:2-6-2019
Approved By:President
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  • To promote the safe handling of food
  • To minimize the risk of food borne illness
  • To monitor the preparation and distribution of food prepared and consumed on campus.
  • To monitor food prepared on campus for consumption off campus.


All students, faculty, staff, campus guests, visitors, and vendors providing food service to the University and campus community


  1. All food prepared and/or served in dining facilities, public food serving areas, conference facilities, university golf course and other buildings and grounds shall be under the control of University Dining Services, except:
    1. food prepared and/or served in Jacobetti Center as part of the University’s academic program,
    2. food prepared and/or served in recreational facilities as part of “University operated concessions,”
    3. food prepared and consumed in University housing by residents, their family members, and/or invited guests, at approved group activities paid for by house or hall programming funds. Guidelines for food preparation by members of Residence Hall and On-Campus Apartments is available at:
  2. University Dining Services personnel shall not handle food which was not purchased by University Dining Services.
  3. University Dining Services may refuse to provide food for take-out if there is reasonable concern that the food will not be properly handled, prepared or distributed upon leaving the dining operations. 
  4. Registered University organizations, or student organizations, and/or other groups wishing to sponsor activities at which food is served and/or sold on campus must obtain approval in advance from the Director of Dining and Conference Services or his/her designee, except:
    1. “fund raisers” (e.g., bake sales, candy sales, etc.) in University housing, sponsored by students living in residence halls and on-campus apartments, and approved by appropriate Housing and Residence Life Office Staff. Guidelines for food preparation by members of Residence Hall and On-Campus Apartments is available at:
    2. “bake sales” conducted by registered student organizations—approval is granted by the office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs and scheduled with NMU Dining and Conference Services. Guidelines for food preparation for all fundraisers and bake sales is available at:


Exceptions are NOT required for unique, one time events, not intended to constitute a business, but will require the use of an approved vendor.

Unique, one time, events include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Less than 20 participants
  • Not intended to constitute a business nor any form of competition with Northern Michigan University
  • Unique events for which Dining and Conference Services is unable to provide service

Vendors must be pre-approved by Northern Michigan University Risk Management. A list of acceptable vendors can be found at:

Other events not meeting the criteria stated above will require approval in advance from the Director of Dining and Conference Services:

Requests for exceptions must be submitted to the Director of Conference and Catering Services for review. Request for Exception to the Food Service Policy (form) is available at:

Food handling requirements for all events:

Food must meet the following requirements:

  • Pre-packaged or vendor food products are intended for immediate consumption
  • Not left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours
  • Disposed of at end of event
  • Cannot leave the building


Vendors wishing to obtain pre-approved status must complete the vendor requirements form at:

This policy is not intended to cover food and beverages purchased and/or prepared by individuals for personal consumption.




Dining and Conference Services ext. 2520