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Posting Materials Policy

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Posting Materials Policy

While this policy is primarily owned by the Center for Student Enrichment, both Communications & Marketing and NMU's Public Safety Department have responsibilities for enforcement. 

Date Approved:9-6-1989
Last Revision:9-6-1989
Last Reviewed:7-27-2018
Approved By:President
This policy has a related procedure. Click to view the procedure below.


The purpose of this policy is to provide adequate means for publicizing events and activities sponsored by University departments and student organizations. 


Faculty, staff, students, as well as invididuals/organizations not associated with the university. 


Promotional opportunities may be provided on a limited basis for cultural, recreational, social, and educational events and activities occurring in the local area that are deemed to be of interest to the University community.  In the administration of this service, the University requires that the following supporting procedure shall apply to all notices, posters, signs, banners and table ads posted or set up on University property.