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Key Control

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Key Control

Date Approved:2-2-1988
Last Revision:2-2-1988
Last Reviewed:2-2-1988
Approved By:President
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To provide security for all university-owned or controlled buildings which includes all exterior and interior access points. Also to provide security for property of the University and of individuals authorized to use the facilities.


All University employees: full time, part time, temporary, casual labor and students.


To ensure the security of the physical plant, all requests for keys or bar coded entry cards will be authorized by the Director of Public Safety. All records, issue receipts and inventories will be maintained by Public Safety.

The University reserves the right to recall, inspect or inventory all issued keys or bar coded entry cards at any time. The Director, Public Safety is authorized to inventory issued keys at any time.

Public Safety is responsible for authorization of keys or bar coded entry cards being made, issued and returned.

The Trades and Utilities Department will be responsible for making the actual key or encoding the bar card when authorized by the Director of Public Safety. Additionally, lock cores will not be changed without authorization from the Director, Public Safety.