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Emergency Response Guidelines

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Emergency Response Guidelines

Date Approved:9-20-1989
Last Revision:11-3-2004
Last Reviewed:11-3-2004
Approved By:President
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To enhance the protection of lives and property during declared emergencies. The concepts, procedures, duties, and responsibilities outlined here are intended to ensure effective use of University and community resources. Adherence to these guidelines should result in an orderly and reasoned response to emergencies which rewards and compounds public trust and confidence in Northern Michigan University.


All University employees, full time, part time, temporary, casual labor, students.


It is the policy of Northern Michigan University that when any situation which has the potential to significantly disrupt the achievement of the mission of the University, the President or designate may implement the Emergency Guidelines. When an emergency has been declared, the Director of Public Safety (Emergency Coordinator) shall immediately place into effect the necessary procedures to deal with the emergency; activating the Emergency Response Team, Establishing the Emergency Command Post and the on scene Emergency Command Post.

In 2014 this Policy was split into Policy and supporting procedure.