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Eye Safety

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Eye Safety

Date Approved:12-17-1989
Last Revision:12-17-1989
Last Reviewed:12-17-1989
Approved By:President
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To protect employee of Northern Michigan from preventable eye injuries.


All University employees, full time, part time, temporary, casual labor, students.



The University shall provide every employee, at no expense to the employee, eye protection suitable for the work being performed.* Students enrolled in courses requiring eye protection are responsible for obtaining their own equipment.

Employees are required to wear eye protection equipment provided by the University. Employees who fail to wear required eye protection shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Students who fail to wear required eye protection as part of their employment or course work shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action under the General Regulatory Statement of the Student Code.

Supervisors and faculty members are responsible for ensuring that every employee or student wears eye protection suitable for each work assignment or course, as defined in the eye safety guidelines. Supervisors and faculty members will ensure that each work area or class room where eye protection is required is adequately posted with advisory signs indicating that eye protection is required. Supervisors and faculty members will ensure that each employee, student, or visitor complies with the requirements of this policy.

Supervisors will ensure that an adequate supply of approved eye protection for a particular work area or assignment is available at all times.

* If an employee's (Faculty, Staff or Student) vision requires the use of corrective lenses and is required by this policy to use eye protection, the cost for these safety spectacles shall be determined by the current collective bargaining agreement.


Act 154, of Public Acts of 1974 as amended, Part 33.