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Date Approved:9-12-2012
Last Revision:9-12-2012
Last Reviewed:9-12-2012
Approved By:President
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To establish policy pertaining to the use of SHARE, the non-course collaboration site for faculty, staff, and students.  The University is committed to providing a place where students, faculty and staff can collaborate i.e., share documents, engage in discussion and exchange information about topics associated with university functions.   This place is called SHARE.


 All faculty, staff, and students


Use of SHARE will be permitted according to the following guidelines:

• Any current faculty, staff or student can request a SHARE group.

• Groups may contain users from outside the university.

• Requests for groups that are outside of this policy must specify how the group relates to the university. These requests will be reviewed and approved by the Course Technology Alliance (a collaborative team including representation from Academic Information Services, Learning Resources Division, and Information Services).

• SHARE users agree to abide by the University’s Acceptable Use Policy:

• SHARE may not be used to conduct any political campaign activities.

• Groups that are requested and created but never utilized will be deleted after three months.

• Groups that have had more than one year of inactivity will be deleted.