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DeVos Art Museum - Access To The Collection

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DeVos Art Museum - Access To The Collection

Date Approved:1-4-2000
Last Revision:9-5-2012
Last Reviewed:9-5-2012
Approved By:President
Oversight Unit:ART & DESIGN, SCHOOL OF
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The DeVos Art Museum (the Museum) at Northern Michigan University (NMU) Collection Management Policy establishes policies for the acquisition, deaccession, loan, care and use of the collections of the Museum. The policies of the Museum shall exist within those of NMU, State or Federal law and statues of regulation under which the Museum is legally or ethically bound to operate.



NMU Staff.


NMU is vested with the ultimate responsibility for the safety and maintenance of the museum‐quality collections that it owns. The Museum collection is part of the collections at NMU. It is the policy of NMU to charge the staff of the Museum, under authority of the Associate Dean/Director of the School of Art and Design and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, with the primary functions of collecting, researching, interpreting, exhibiting, preserving, maintaining, and caring for NMU’s fine art and related historical collections, according to the highest museum standards and ethics possible.

NMU maintains other collections, including the Central Upper Peninsula and NMU Archive, the Provost Collection of Student Art, the Special Collections of Olson Library and the Upper Peninsula Beaumier Heritage Center. These areas maintain their own policies and collections records, separate from the DeVos Art Museum. However, the DeVos Art Museum will, to the extent possible, advise, assist, and collaborate with faculty and staff responsible for the other NMU collections, but the DeVos Art Museum’s primary responsibility is for fine art and related historical items.