Digital Badges for Workshops

Graduate Studies and Research is launching a new program where graduate students can earn digital badges for attending and completing a learning assessment for sponsored workshops.


What is a digital badge? 

A badge is a digital emblem signifying learning in a subject. Digital badges can be displayed on resumes, CVs, and social media to indicate that a person has training in a subject that is not reflected in traditional certificates and degrees. Digital badges contain metadata that future employers can access by clicking on the badge and reading details about what training and education the badge signifies. NMU has partnered with Credly to provide digital badges to students. 


What types of badges can be earned with GSR workshop badges?

Graduate Studies and Research has two workshop badge tracks. 

The Research track is for students who are engaged in research and scholarly activity. Workshops in this category train students for specific research tasks and discusses broadly applicable research topics like compliance and presentations. 

The Professionalism track explores topics that are of use for students who are navigating new and expanded expectations as a new professional and who are entering the professional job market. 


How do I earn a digital workshop badge? 

Students who want to be awarded a badge must: 

  • Attend (in person or on zoom) at least four workshops in the category that they want to earn a badge in
  • Fill out the workshop learning assessment and submit it by 8 a.m. on the Monday following the workshop they attended

*if you have a significant time conflict and are unable to attend workshops but wish to pursue a badge, please contact


Workshop Categories

Workshops that fulfill a Research track requirement will be marked with an (R)

Workshops that fulfill a Professionalism track requirement will be marked with a (P)

Workshops that can be used to go toward either track will be marked with a (W). To gain a badge in one of the categories, no more than one Wildcard (W) workshops can be used toward the badge count. 


How and when do I receive my badge? 

Workshops will be counted throughout the academic year. Every May, the badge earned count will be reset. 

Badges will be awarded at the end of each semester. The GSR staff will have a count of your workshops attended and assessments submitted and will notify you of your badge award status in the last weeks of the semester in which you qualify for a badge. 


2021 Fall Workshops

Wednesday Workshops - happening every Wednesday at noon in Jamrich 1315

(R)  Thesis Preparation and Formatting Workshop - September 1

(R)  Student Fulbright Grant Workshop - September 8

(R)  Applying for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship - September 15

Applying to Grad School - September 22

(R)  Research Ethics and Compliance Workshop - September 29

(P)  Professionalism in the Workplace - October 6

(W)  Copyright, Citations, and Fair Use - October 13

(P)  Getting a Job After Grad School - October 20

(R) Thesis Solutions Workshop - October 27

(R) How to Present Research - November 3

(W) Mindfulness and Mental Health - November 10 - virtual

(P)  Grant Writing and Excellence in Education - TBD

(R)  How to Present Research - TBD