Northern Michigan University requires that all new and re-entry students born after 1956 provide proof of immunity to measles (rubeola). 

To comply with this policy, students must submit satisfactory evidence of immunity to the Health Center. Click on Mandatory Measles Immunization Policy to obtain this form.

We do participate with the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) and if you had your immunizations done in Michigan, we are able to access the registry.  Please call or stop in the Health Center and provide your name and date of birth to our staff. If you need an exemption, there is a form that needs to be reviewed and signed. This form can be sent to your NMU email address by calling 906-227-2355 and requesting or emailing your request to 

If you have no proof of immunity, you can receive a measles shot at the Health Center. Call 906-227-2355 to schedule a nurse visit.