House Meeting

Your RA will schedule two house Zoom meetings - on different days and at different times - to cover important end-of-year check-out information. You are expected to attend one of the two meetings and are encouraged to attend the meeting with your roommate. Attendance will be taken. Contact your RA if you are unable to attend either meeting.

Preliminary Check-Out

Following the house meetings, you and your roommate are to schedule a time to review the condition of your room in preparation for your final check-out at the end of the semester. At that time, you and your roommate complete a form that states who is responsible for what with regard to check-out related room preparation and any possible charges.


Final Check-Out

  1. Note: All students must be properly checked out by noon on Sunday, May 2. Exceptions will be made for students moving into the on-campus apartments.
  2. Residents will need to complete their Contract Termination Form found in their Housing Portal. This will be available to them beginning Monday, April 19 th. Keys will need to be returned the day that the resident departs campus. Keys not returned will result in fees up to $125. If a student chooses to leave at a time when it is not reasonable for their RA to check them out – e.g., in the middle of the night or very early in the morning - they can make arrangements to do so by filling out the online Contract Termination Form, and then the RA should instruct the resident to place all of their keys in the small labeled envelope and placing
    their room/mail keys in the drop boxes proved at any residence hall desk. Failure to do so will result in a key(s) replacement charge.
  3. Before you check out of your room, you must:
    • Make sure all of the University furnishings that belong in your room are there.
    • If you have rented a University loft, please leave it assembled and standing.
    • Remove all personal belongings. If you have a bicycle stored on-campus, do not forget it.
    • Belongings may not be removed through windows; window screens must remain in place.
    • Items to be disposed of should be properly placed in the large dumpster located behind your building.  Furniture and carpeting must be placed in the large construction dumpster in the courtyard.
    • Thoroughly clean your room and bathroom:
      • Command Strips in all Woods facilities should be left on walls.
      • Clean the shower, sinks, and toilet.
      • Wipe down surfaces such as the tops of the desks, dressers, closet shelves, and window sills.
      • Wipe out all drawers.
      • Sweep and mop the floor.
      • Empty and clean waste baskets and recycling bins.
      • Properly dispose of trash and recycling in the appropriate dumpsters outside of the building.

You can be held financially responsible for:

  1. Damages to your room beyond normal wear and tear.
  2. Missing and/or damaged furnishings; furnishings not properly re-assembled.
  3. Not cleaning your room or bathroom or not properly disposing of trash or personal items.
  4. Not properly checking out with your resident adviser or not checking out before noon on Sunday, May 5.
  5. A Late Contract Termination Fee of $150 will be applied to students who do not leave their residence hall by noon on Sunday, May 5.
  6. Key Return-If you do not return your residence hall room keys, a fee of up to $125 will be assessed.

Housing and Residence Life staff will inspect all rooms after the residence halls close.  Additional charges for cleaning and/or damages to student rooms may be assessed within 30 days of check-out.

Driving or parking on sidewalks or lawns is prohibited. To facilitate move-out, several loading zones have been identified in the parking lots as close to residence halls as possible. Move-out expectation:

  1. No driving or parking on sidewalks or lawns. Doing so is a violation of state law and violators will be ticketed (misdemeanor/$150).
  2. Students who choose to use the designated loading zones will have 45 minutes to load their vehicles.
  3. Vehicles are to be moved as soon as they are loaded.

Housing and Residence Life will forward 1 st class mail. Students should change their address with the Registrar’s Office or by going to MyNMU to make sure their University mail is sent to the correct address (addresses written on contract terminations are not used). It is important that they change their address with those who send them mail – e.g., family, magazines, and companies they do business with. Mail, other than 1 st class, will be returned to sender.