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About House and Hall Government

House and Hall Government allow campus residents a variety of opportunities to get involved with the many facets of living on campus. Anyone is welcome to attend house government meetings, whereas hall government oversees all of the houses within a single hall and includes a group of elected individuals.

House Government

Each residence hall house has the potential to add a lot to the college experiences of the students who live in it. The supportive friendships, interesting programs, and enjoyable activities, important planning and problem-solving efforts, and periodic trials and tribulations all help students to establish useful skills. Through their organized efforts, the residents of each house can contribute to their residence hall, as well as the larger campus and Marquette communities. 

Residence Hall “House of the Year” Award

The Housing and Residence Life Office recognizes houses that have achieved excellence in their efforts to be the best they can be. The annual award, given to only one house each year, is announced at the NMU Leadership Recognition Banquet held in April. Application forms are made available in March.

Hall Government Overview

Hall government is a group of students who are elected each year by their respective residents. The hall government plays an important role in planning and communication within the hall. Each house in your hall will have representation on your hall government and the students you elect to represent you will identify and conduct a variety of programs intended to reflect your interests. They also will make it possible for houses to work together, get involved in community service activities, express opinions about house, hall, and campus matters, and solve problems.

Your hall government is your link to the Presidents’ Roundtable, a group of hall leaders who meet regularly with Housing and Residence Life staff, all-campus student government (the Associated Students of Northern Michigan University, or ASNMU for short) and the university’s administration, including Housing and Residence Life and Dining Services.

It has been said that the more a person is involved in his/her education, the more that person will learn. This theory applies to both in-class and out-of-class learning. Living in an on-campus community is an important out-of-classroom experience. You will be invited to express your opinions about what it should be like living in your residence hall house and hall, and you will be expected to share responsibility for making that living environment all that it can be. There is a lot to learn by doing.


Hall Government Opportunities

  • In-Hall Programming
  • Welcoming Crew
  • Presidents' Roundtable
  • Intramurals
  • Volunteering
  • Financial decision making
  • Channel 12 movie selections
  • Live, Learn, Lead- Residence Hall Leadership Training

If you choose to get involved as a government member or just provide them with your input, you can make a difference. Your resident adviser and resident director will have information about hall government.