students participating in dead river games

House and Hall expectations are tools created and used by the members of a residence hall that help mold the community into open and friendly places. Goals and expectations help students realize what is and is not acceptable within their community, based on the standards set by those who live in the house or hall. Each house or hall sets their own expectations that are unique to their area.

Below are some examples of the expectations set by different houses and halls at NMU:

Around the World House (Meyland)

  • Use each room for its purpose; if you are studying in the t.v. room and someone wants to watch tv go into the study room.
  • Respectfully ask people to be quiet when they are loud, and if someone asks you to be quiet, respect the courage that it took for that person to ask you and be quiet.
  • Don’t use technology to resolve problems with your roommate and housemates (no IM, no E-mail, no Facebook.) Discuss problems verbally.

Treasure Island (Magers Hall)

  • Treasure Island will eat meals together. Every night at 7pm. Come whenever possible.
  • Listen to each others problems and give advice when possible, but also know your limitations on your ability to help others.
  • Before quiet hours, keep in mind people are studying.
  • Respect roommates and housemates decisions, inside and outside of their rooms.
  • Create study groups with members of the house that are in the same classes.