All international students who have been accepted to Northern Michigan University are encouraged to consider living in the residence halls or the on-campus apartments while they study at NMU.  The following information is intended to help international students as they prepare to arrive in the United States and begin their classes at NMU.  All students, including international students, must be officially accepted to NMU before they can apply for campus housing.

Housing Requirement and Contract

Northern Michigan University requires that all undergraduate students live in the residence halls for at least two years (four semesters, not including the summer sessions) unless they meet certain requirements. You can learn more about the NMU Housing Requirement and find out if you may be exempt from the requirement here on our website.

Every student who lives in the residence halls or the single student apartments must sign a housing contract when they arrive.  The housing contract is for one academic year.  Students who live in the residence halls and then move to the apartments (if they qualify to do so, and if we have space) do not have to apply to be released from their residence hall contract.

Apartment Living

Students who are 21 years of age or older may apply to live in our single student apartments.  If an international student is interested in a single student apartment, he or she should apply as soon as possible since there is typically a long waiting list.   Married students living with their spouse are not permitted to live in the residence halls.  They are however, encouraged to apply for an on-campus apartment.

Advance Payment

Students who apply to live on-campus must pay a $125 advance payment.  This $125 is applied towards their room and board once they move into the residence halls.  Information on how to pay this advance payment is included in the Admissions material sent to the student.

Upper Class and Graduate Housing

Spooner Hall is NMU's upper-class/graduate residence hall and is very popular.  It is, however, about one-third the size of the other halls and houses slightly more than 100 students.  To live in Spooner Hall or a university apartment, including Woodland Park, a student must be 21 or older or a junior.

Room Changes

Once students move into their rooms at the beginning of each semester, room changes are not permitted during the first two weeks of each semester (physical checks, billing accuracy, roommate issues, etc.)

Meal Plans

Every student who lives in the residence halls must be on a meal plan.  Freshmen must sign up for the Constant Meal Plan and those who live in Spooner Hall may sign up for the Spooner Hall Meal Plan.  Individuals who live in the apartments do not have to be on a meal plan, but may purchase one if they so choose.  To find out more about the meal plans offered by Dining Services, please visit

Arrival and Move-In

The residence halls open, and a student’s residence hall contract begins, on the Thursday before the first official day of classes.  Because we have staff in training and are finishing projects (painting, installing new furniture, renovating spaces, finalizing cleaning of rooms andWhitman Flag Room lounges, setting up desk services, etc.) students are not permitted to move in before their contract begins.  The only exception to this is that new students who are participating in the final new student orientation before the semester begins are permitted to move into their rooms prior to orientation.  Please ask that your international students who are traveling to the U.S. make their flight arrangements so they arrive on or after the date their residence hall contract begins.

University Breaks and Housing

The residence halls are open during Thanksgiving (November) and spring break (February or March).  Residents may remain in their room during these breaks (at no charge) as long as they register at their residence hall desk.  Information on how to do this is mailed to each resident and is covered by the Resident Adviser staff during house meetings.  Meal service is not provided during the break.

The residence halls are closed during the break in December.  All students, except those who live in Spooner Hall, must move out of their room for the duration of the break and are permitted to return when the halls open in January.  Meal service is not provided during the break.  Students who live in our single student apartments do not have to vacate their apartment during the December break so long as they are enrolled for classes for the following winter semester.  In the past, some exceptions for international students who have nowhere to go in December have been made.

Housing is available between the winter term and the first summer term so long as the student is enrolled in the summer.  Housing is also available between the end of the summer term and the beginning of the fall term as long as the student is enrolled in the fall term.  Please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office for more information.

Important Dates

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How To Apply

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Please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office if you have any questions.  Our phone number is (906) 227-2620 and our email address is