• Know your job description, the department's expectations regarding the quality of your work, safely, security, and energy conservation.
  • Work at a steady, reasonable rate and to the highest standard possible within time allowed.
  • Notify your supervisor of problems or substandard areas and with his or her permission, take appropriate steps to correct the problem.
  • As you complete a project, find another to do unless you have already been assigned one.
  • Do not sit around waiting to be told what to do, for your shift to end, for your lunch break, or for the end of the day.  There is always something to do.
  • Do not leave your assigned work area unless you have your supervisor's approval to do so.
  • Performance evaluations will be completed at the end of each semester.


Dress and Behavior

  • You represent the department and University.
  • Your dress, language, and other behavior must be appropriate at all times.  Profanity, shouting, derogatory remarks about others or the University in general, loud music, etc., are not acceptable at any time.



  • Tardiness is not acceptable.  Be on time for work.
  • If you expect to be late due to extenuating circumstances:  Notify your supervisor in advance at your earliest convenience, get to work as close to your scheduled start time as possible, and after punching in, report to your supervisor.
  • Excessive tardiness - more than one occurrence in a pay period - may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


Excused Absences

  • Contact your supervisor at least 48 hours in advance to request an excused absence.
  • Time off requests will be given full consideration, but may not be approved.
  • With supervisor approval, it is appropriate to arrange for a substitute if he or she is from the same work area, knows the job, and he or she is available to work.


Unexcused Absences

  • Unexcused absences are not acceptable.
  • A person with one or more unexcused absence is subject to disciplinary action.  Note:  More than one unexcused absence for a scheduled shift may result in termination of employment.


University Supplies and Equipment

  • All equipment and supplies are to be used properly and stored securely.
  • Store rooms are to be kept clean, well organized, and secure.
  • Personal use of University supplies and equipment is not acceptable.


Building Security

  • All staff members are responsible for maintaining building security.
  • All door and window hardware should be in good working order and problems with either should be reported to a custodial staff member promptly.
  • All entrance doors are to be locked.
  • All windows are to be closed and secured at the end of each work day.
  • Maintenance and storage rooms are to be secured.
  • Staff are not to enter occupied rooms unless they are responding to a service call and have permission or are responding to a maintenance emergency.


Energy Conservation

  • When you leave an area, shut the lights and radios off, even if you will be returning to the area later in the day.
  • Faucets are to be shut off and faucets and toilets that do not work properly are to be reported so they can be repaired promptly.


Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action might result from violations of these expectations, including less than satisfactory performance.  Disciplinary action may range from a verbal warning through termination of employment.


Questions and/or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about anything related to your duties and/or work assignments, please contact your supervisor.  If you are not comfortable with his or her response, you should contact other housing and residence life supervisory or management staff.